Legal Document Pricing

No Retainers, No Hourly Fees For Document Preparation

Legal Document Preparation Pricing*

  • Dissolution of Marriage With Children, $1,000
  • Dissolution of Marriage With Assets/Liabilities, No Children, $800
  • Dissolution of Marriage, No Assets/Liabilities, No Children, $600

Legal Doc PrepRepresenting oneself can be a daunting task. The website for The Florida Courts has a list of 170 Family Law forms, with little guidance regarding which forms need to be filled out. Simply reading the “General Information for Self Represented Litigants” memo is overwhelming, and the self-help packet at the courthouse is as thick as a Bible. A legal form can be a complex and confusing document. The instructions for the forms are vague, and lack line-by-line guidance, such as those on a tax return. Add to this the fact that a multitude of forms are often necessary to complete a legal action, such as the nearly 100 pages of forms required for a Dissolution of Marriage with Children, and one has a recipe for hopelessness.

We will complete all the required forms in the package you choose according to your specifications. We make it easy on you by simply asking you the right questions, while you provide the information. The documents will be shared with both of you for your review and approval. After you have each indicated your approval of the documents, we will print them and provide instructions regarding signing and filing your documents. Our one low price covers both parties with no retainer and no hourly fees.

*Prices do not include court filing fees or the required parenting course for parties with minor children

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